So I’ve been a busy girl and have neglected my blog…..which I blame on the past three years being knee deep in data analysis that the thought of coming home and blogging about it made me twitch.

Well I’ve gotten over that and it’s time to turn a new leaf. I’ve updated the name of my blog and committed to an actual .com domain. I feel all growd up.

A lot of great things have happened over the past several months. I had the privilege of being sent by my generous employer to the Eyeo festival which has changed me for the better! Met some incredible folks  including the people of ffunction who inspire me on a daily basis. Eyeo breathed new life into me but more importantly, gave me direction. I’m eager to attend the 2013 event.

Eyeo Festival

Next thing  I jumped at was the opportunity to enroll in Alberto Cairo’s first ever free online course, Introduction to Infographics and Data Visualization. This was yet another incredible learning experience that has given me a solid foundation and understanding of information graphics and data visualization.

I’ve been tweeting quite frequently about all things #dataviz and hope to take some of that information and include it here. I would love to share my own work but you know, NDA’s kind of get in the way. So my goal is to explore open data.

Stay tuned.


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